Framework tasks


1/ Rewrite the CommandLine namespace to support CommandGroup and Command objects.
2/ Make actual supported command adhere to this new paradigm as "built in" command groups and commands
3/ Include a way via app.config to add extension assemblies to otctl and otctlnc.
  • This will allow to add command groups and commands to available list of commands and extend what the platform can do in command line
  • Exemple : "otctl.exe help" should list everything avaiable (built-ins + extensions if any)
  • Exemple : A custom dictionary generator taking flat files and filling the DB should be such an extension [eg "otctl.exe dico_generator universe.txt"]
  • Exemple : A custom extension to generate reports from command line [eg "otctl.exe report_builder /path/to/my/book"] should be useful also (code already done somewhere)
Closed Sep 7, 2009 at 1:14 PM by daviddenis
Done as of 0.80