Framework tasks


1/ Finish the flat file import/export routines tied to configuration (LiveObjects)
  • Fix encodings problems (tables read back from database are found to have only one column)
  • Add the missing feature of "relative table" in tables. That is a cell may contain a table:myOtherTable.txt poiting to another table file
    2/ Add a way to deal with extensions with otctl.exe and otctlnc.exe. The objective is to have satellite functionnalities without introducing new executables
  • and otctl.exe extension_assemblies a1 ... an should be fine
  • using otctl.exe extension_assemblies a1 ...an help should have new items corresponding to available functions (example: a Dictionary Generator from flat file)
  • again, a simple command line thing allows to script and schedule things (create dictionary every night, etc ... )
Closed Aug 20, 2009 at 3:00 PM by daviddenis
Done flat files. Extensions are part of another task now.