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Framework (The Kernel)
  • Fully Event Driven and Multi-Threaded
  • Activation framework with isolation capabilities allowing to adjust SecurityLevel/LatencyCost ratio to a particular situation/need
    • All in one in default AppDomain
    • Split within separate AppDomains,
    • Split within separate local Processes (IPC communications)
    • Split using remote Processes (TCP communications)
    • Split using a mix of all previous techniques
    • Applications are designed using an UI, the way you distribute or not components is not decided in the code but at design time
  • Extensible (Application, Service and Plugins are easy to write or extend)
  • Everything is held in database (Application graphs, Code Assemblies, Configurations, ... )
  • Local installation is just 1 executable, 1 dll and 1 config file, anything else is loaded on the fly from database (easy to start on another machine in no time)
  • Everything can be controlled using the same executable, command line support for several functions (deployment of assemblies in base, launching an application, executing a batch file, etc ...)
  • Some base UIs (Virtual Grid with blinking cells, Root form with auto generated windows list and tray icon, etc ...)

Framework.Forge (Connectivity and Business components)
  • Full featured Feed pipeline. With pluggable protocols/systems. Simple interfaces to be extensible.
    • Supports European like markets updates (book events oriented)
    • Supports American like markets updates (level II quote events oriented), with a transparent Book Builder taking in charge the emission of book events
    • Supports maket fields (vwap, open, close, etc ... )
  • Full featured Order pipeline. With pluggable protocols/systems. Simple interfaces to be extensible.
    • Send, Cancel, Modify supported
    • Enriched instrumentation for exposures, order tracking, fees tracking
    • Normalized cimematic mappings
  • Full featured Dictionary service to store (typed) Instruments. Each Instrument can have different Virtual/Test/Production Wirings (Feed and Order)
    • Typed financial instruments support (a option has a strike and maturity, an equity has a sector, etc ... No misleading fields inside your instrument)
    • Wiring of financial instruments to any feed plugin and order plugin. 3 separates wirings (Production/Test/Virtual) possible for the same instrument code
  • Full featured Strategy Engine with easy to write strategy plugins. Simple interfaces to be extensible.
    • Supports simples strategies (example: trading an asset against another, that is, old times pair trading)
    • Supports clustered strategies (example: a model made of several pair trading strategies, with the capacity to control and act on the aggregate as a whole and/or using sub components events)
    • Some illustrative strategies are given for the sake of demonstration (don't expect to make money with them though, you'll have to work a bit for that !)
  • A set of UIs to control strategies, manual trading, dictionary, etc ...

  • A set of FIX plugins for Feed and Order, using QuickFIX C# wrappers. Certified with Ullink UL Bridge and UL Flow. Makes Open Trader ready to shoot more than 260 destinations
  • A set of MBT Feed plugins to connect to their platform (both Quote API and Navigator SDK). The MBT FIX plugin is on the way
  • A Virtual Execution plugin with slipage and hit ratio simulator. Particularly accurate to reproduce real market behavior. Useful for stat arb and algorithms working on small sizes at best limit

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