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What is the current status ?

  • Open Trader is currently under heavy development, 95% of the code is there to do up to complex basket trading in no time
  • Anyway a "one click" installer is not there and using the source tree requires a bit of understanding and experience

What is the targeted audience ?

  • Open Trader is very versatile and can be used in a variety of scenarios, for example :
    • Running statistical arbitrage strategies on large equity baskets (hundreds of assets), with any time frame.
    • Running high frequency algorithms on forex markets
    • Trade manually

Any algorithmic desk should be able to gain from Open Trader, remember we've ben trading on prop desks for quite a long time
Of course MFE and IT students should love it to trade at home

Why Open Source ?

There are many advantages using Open Source collaborative scheme, for example :
  • You own your production software, it's not a perpetual rent. No Blackbox.
  • If you ever pay for something it's for support and/or learning, when investment is done, it's yours
  • Easy bugfixing by your own developers if critical, no need to wait for a next release
  • Completely customizable, just choose what is needed and/or add your own code
  • Easily integrable to any in-house system, with the source code at hand it's ways easier
  • Better quality, the source code is under the scrutiny of the whole community
  • A community of users proposing features, reporting/correcting bugs, contributing plug-ins

Why choosing the GPL license ?

There are two main reasons for this :
  • The license allows end users (funds, banks, traders, quants, ITs, enthusiasts, ...) to do any modifications in-house while being compliant
    • The algorithms will remain secret in-house as required
    • The other components may be contributed to the community if and only if desired (suitable for feed handlers and order routing plugins)
  • The license also forces any software company wishing to use the codebase for a derived work to open their own sources under the GPL
    • This discourages competing software vendors to simply take the community code and market it without participating in some way to the common effort
    • This encourages third party vendors to open components

A quite cool framework based on both cooperation and competition/selection

Is there a complete documentation available ?

  • A very complete documentation will be available through Systemathics as complement to our workshops. See
  • A quick build/run document will be available soon on Codeplex for community users. Professional firms should consider a complete support contract.
  • Source code is commented and some community users were able to run it themselves without help

Is there professional support ?

I need strategies to start my new stat arb and/or high frequency activity, what can I do ?

I already have strategies running in system Z and want to run them in Open Trader, what can I do ?

  • Strategies are pluggable in Open Trader, you can :
    • Implement a strategy plugin yourself, using the examples available in the source tree, it should be easier than any other system, a lot of instrumentation and background work is done for you
    • Ask for a workshop and training (before) and support (during development phase). See
    • Ask us to implement the strategies for you (non disclosure agreement protects your trade secrets). See

I need to connect to feed provider X and/or order router Y, what can I do ?

  • Feed Handlers and Order Routers are pluggable in Open Trader, you can :
    • Look if the system you need is already present in the plugin repository
    • Implement your own plugin for any particular system (feed and/or order). You may contribute it to the source tree for other users, plumbing gains to be collaborative
    • Ask for a workshop and training (before) and support (during development phase). See
    • Ask us to implement it. See
    • Use the Ullink FIX certified plugin suite and ask Ullink for support, they maitain professional grade connectors for about 260 destinations. See

Is Open Trader interoperable ?

Yes. Anything accessible from C/Cplusplus or .Net is accessible using Open Trader, for example wrappers were made for :
  • Matlab interfacing (managed Cplusplus wrapper)
  • Reuters RFA interfacing (managed Cplusplus wrapper)
  • MBT COM interfacing (Interop)

What about the GUI ?

  • The GUI aspects are (since version 0.81) competely decoupled from the business and connectivity projetcs
    • A "forms" GUI is available and will probabiliy be maintained for future uses, particularly for Mono users (Mono won't support WPF anytime soon)
    • A new modern "WPF" GUI will be available soon. We chosen "WPF" to improve user experience.
    • Some Web and SmartPhone support will follow, using Silverlight
    • Systemathics provides an renriched GUI based on non Open Source WPF component libraries. See
    • Anyone can implement it's own GUI, using whatever UI component (forms, wpf, web, console, ... )

Is there a back testing suite available ?

Not yet. but it is planned with two components :
  • Recorder (tick capture engine), efficiently using SQL to store datas
  • Replayer (story board based, replay (t,Xt) Ito processes and not only (Xt) processes)

You will be able to use the exact same strategy plugin both for backtest and real trading

What about risk metering ?

We're currently discussing with a risk provider to add a realtime risk monitoring tool around Open Trader. contact-us by email if interested

What about partnerships ?

We're always open to partnerships, please contact us if you feel a partnership would be winner/winner payoff

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